Welcome to CityCat!

Have you filed your taxes yet? Are you behind and being threatened by CRA?

Some cats are 10 months late, others are 10 years late. It happens. Fortunately, it can be painless to cure the problem. Pass your pile of papers over to CityCat and your issue will be cleaned up and fixed. Lost or never received your papers? No problem! Sign a form and all will be done. It’s like magic without illusion.

It all sounds well and good, but how much would this cost?!

As little as possible. CityCat will give you a lump total to do everything it takes to get your taxes back in order. That “lump sum” won’t be painful either! It usually lands much LESS than what you receive from CRA – meaning you might still have money to pocket after all is done.

So, why wait? Call or email to get your free quote now.