CityCat TAX

Tax 2021

(prepared in 2022)

It’s that time of year again. Tax time. Are you ready? It will be an interesting one.

Our 2020 has been…. unique. Covid-19 ravaged the globe, leaving millions in peril. Governments reacted with shut-downs of businesses and money to help people survive the pandemic. This money may have been a great relief, but there is one detail we all must bear: taxes. Taxes were not taken before receipt, and will be due at tax time. How much could you owe?

CERB paid recipients $2000 per month from March through October. If you received all 8 months of CERB, your tax due on this amount will be approximately $2400. This amount will be due April 30, 2022.

CityCat has expanded! GabeCat is the newest member of the CityCat family and is located on Gabriola Island. GabeCat offers identical services to CityCat for the same prices.

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CityCat Business Solutions, Inc., CityCat, GabeCat and all other subsidiaries, workers and “cats” herein referred to as “CityCat” offer no guarantees of health. CityCat accepts no liability for consequences related to health or Covid-19. We work as a remote team and under a presumption of good health. No documents will be physically touched or in the presence of any person associated with CityCat. Documents will be shared and communicated with yourself and CRA via electronic or telecommunications.


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