Tax Season 2015 is over. Did you file?

Tax season came in with a rush, but didn’t leave without a hiccup. CRA extended the deadline by a few days for an administrative error on their behalf. It was nothing major, and it bought everyone a few more days to get their papers in on time. I would expect this would not happen again anytime soon.

Did you file your tax return?

Don’t beat yourself up – not all cats filed. If there is a balance due, interest starts on the first day after the deadline – usually May 1. If you get a refund, you will get that amount back and nothing more. There is no benefit to you for waiting to file.

So what do you do if you haven’t filed? Should I wait for next year?

DO NOT wait. Get those taxes in and your money back in your paws. It just makes sense.

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Taxes are prepared year-round and can be picked up from most places in Victoria, BC.